Conquering Statistics: Numbers Without the Crunch
  • Conquering Statistics: Numbers Without the Crunch

Conquering Statistics: Numbers Without the Crunch

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With vivid and humorous examples, Conquering Statistics opens the world of statistics to the average reader as well as the student and offers an invaluable look at the science behind the statistics.

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Format: Trade paperback

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Pages: 236pp, 2000 edition

For many of us, mathematics is like dental care--undeniably important, extraordinarily painful, and best ignored as long as possible. Jefferson Hane Weaver, an author who specializes in demystifying complicated scientific concepts, disagrees with this public perception and has set out to debunk it in Conquering Statistics: Numbers Without the Crunch. Although it may not seem possible, the result is a consistently entertaining and extremely helpful guide to numbers and their practical everyday applications.

Take the first step toward a whole new world of statistical prowess with this delightful, easy-to-follow guide. Writing specifically for the statistically scared, Jeff Weaver exposes the mathematics behind statistical analysis and shows how an understanding of probability, standard deviation, margins of error, and test groups can help in the reader's understanding of everything from the lottery to national polls to scientific data.

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