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Satori in Paris and Pic: Two Novels by Jack Kerouac
  • Satori in Paris and Pic: Two Novels by Jack Kerouac

Satori in Paris and Pic: Two Novels by Jack Kerouac

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These two novels, totally different in tone and theme, demonstrate Kerouac's remarkable range and versatility.


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Format: Trade paperback

Condition: vg- condition, minor shelf wear, some light aging

Size: 5.25"x8.0"

Pages: 238pp, 1988 edition

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The first is a rollicking autobiographical saga in which one Jean-Louis Lebris de Kerouac, a footloose American of French-Canadian parentage, embarks on a jet-age odyssey to France to seek the origins of his surname. There, while conversing with a cab driver, he experiences satori- Japanese for "sudden awakening," or simply "kick in the eye." Or is it while romancing a faded French beauty in a Montparnasse gangster bar, or during his surreal chat with his Breton namesake, or... "Filled with fine comic lines and amusing self-parodies."- Books Abroad

Kerouac's last novel, Pic, set in 1948, is narrated by ten year-old Pictorial Review Jackson in the dialect of rural North Carolina. Wise beyond his years, Pic tells of his adventures at home, in New York City, and "on the road" with his brother Slim, in the process foreshadowing aspects of the civil rights movement and emerging black consciousness. "Real, fantastic, fanciful, and utterly enchanting."- Playboy